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Career Change Myths To Be Aware Of

Many people would like to make a career change but become ‘stuck’ and unable to make the commitment to move on.  This can be because of several career change myths that perpetuate. 

Understandably, changing careers can be scary for people. It is the fear of the unknown, fuelled by a few popular myths, that can keep them from making the move.  But by conducting some research, along with the courage to think ‘outside the square’, you can transform your career and your life. 

You probably already have a few ideas about what it takes to successfully transition into a new career.  There are however a few myths around that might actually be holding you back:

Myth # 1

"You Need To Be Absolutely Sure What You Want Before You Move On."

Unfortunately it is this kind of thinking that holds people back from making any career move at all. 

People who have successfully changed their careers often begin by experimenting, and this can take many different forms, such as researching, volunteering, taking on weekend projects, doing part time work, taking night classes or going back to school.  With all of this experimenting they start to experience their possible future career.  As they gain more experience and insight, adjustments can then be made and the eventual direction can become clearer. 

The key then is that career transition does not follow a straight path and can be gradual.  But by waiting until your plan is perfect, you run the risk of procrastination so that no moves will be made at all.  

Myth # 2

"Passion And Work Are Not Compatible."

Most successful people are those who have learned to follow their passion.  Unfortunately in making a career choice, most people are taught to be rational, and so our passions are buried. 

When people are passionate about their work, they are contented because they are tapping into their natural talents and abilities.  It follows on that when we enjoy and are fully engaged in our work, our self esteem is high, and we are able to perform to a higher level.  Being able to connect emotionally to daily tasks increases the chances of being successful in your chosen career.

Myth # 3

"Its OK To Postpone What You Really Want To Do In Life."

If you are working in a job you don’t really enjoy and are postponing what you really want to do, then you are unlikely to maintain a commitment to your work over a long period of time. 

In contrast, successful people are so absorbed in their work that they are prepared to work long hours, talk enthusiastically about their work to friends and family, and above all have that ‘fire in the belly’.  In other words, they are totally committed to their work.  You won’t be successful in your career unless you are interested in and committed to the work that you are currently doing.

Making The Decision To Move On

Begin by looking at how a sales career can fulfil your passions in life.  You might be selling a product or service that you are passionate about, it might be financial rewards that you are interested in, or it might be the fact that you will be out and about meeting people all of the time.  Experiment by getting some exposure to sales and/or by conducting some thorough research.

Above all, don’t let career change myths keep you stuck.

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