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How To Write A Covering Letter Minimize



The following is a step-by-step description of how to construct a covering letter.  You can go to Sample Covering Letter for the completed version: 

Introductory Paragraph

State job you are applying for, when and where you saw ad:


“I wish to apply for the position of Salesperson Trainee as advertised in The Age on the 14th of January 20XX.”


 Use of a contact person, sincere compliment, company information (if and when appropriate):


“In discussing the role with Alice Nguyen I have learnt you are offering a unique sales trainee position during an exciting period of growth in your organisation.”


Introduce your application (include career objective if you can):


“I am highly motivated to progress to this B2B sales environment and invite you to consider my employment credentials.”



Value Selling Paragraphs

Describe the value you bring to an organization:


“I believe that one of the key personal qualities an individual can bring to a sales team is drive and enthusiasm. As my resume will attest, I have been continuously employed either part time or full time since the age of 15, demonstrating I’m willing to ‘go the extra mile’.”


Relate back to tangible evidence of your past experience:


“My credentials include an outgoing, friendly nature, ideal for building relationships with customers.  This is clearly demonstrated in my job as a retail assistant at Computers for You, where at least 50 % of my sales are from repeat business customers.”



Background Summary

A brief synopsis of relevant education and experience:


“I have worked in a retail sales environment for over four years.  Through my own initiatives I have also successfully completed several accredited courses of particular relevance to sales and to your industry, including sales training and computer operating. This demonstrates not only that am I interested in IT sales, but I am always on the look out for new development opportunities”.


“Finish off” paragraph by relating your background to the job you are applying for:


“These attributes place me in an excellent position to progress to a B2B sales role in a trainee capacity”.



Action Statement

State your interest in an interview:


“I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss how I might contribute to Acme Computers Pty Ltd through a personal interview”.


It is often appropriate to tell the employer you intend to take action by calling within a specific time frame (these ‘closing’ remarks are particularly effective for sales roles, since they help you come across as a true sales person!).  Always assume that they are interested in interviewing you:


“You are welcome to call me, otherwise I will call you within the next couple of days to arrange for an interview at your convenience”.




Statement of appreciation:


“Thank you for your consideration”.








“Attachment:  Curriculum Vitae”



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