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Writing a Resume for a Sales Job

Writing a resume for a sales job is somewhat different to writing one for administrative or other professional roles.  The key difference is that when writing a sales resume, you need to emphasise your achievements and results rather than merely listing previous jobs and what you did there. 

The key is to identify what skills, competencies or attributes the prospective employer wants, being sure to address these in your resume. 

  • Start your resume with your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address
  • The first section of your sales resume should be an ‘Overview’ or synopsis of your background.  Use three or four sentences to summarise your background relevant to the job you have applied for, finishing off with a brief statement about where you want your career to go in the future.
  • The ‘meat’ of your resume should be in the next section, entitled ‘Skills, Experience and Personal Attributes’.  You should list two or three Key Sales Competencies relevant to the job that you have applied for.  For example, in sales, some competencies might be presentation skills, communication skills, and time management.  The required competencies may vary between different sales jobs so you will need to adjust your resume to suit the specific job you are applying for each time.  What you need to do is explain how you have demonstrated each of the relevant competencies, providing clear evidence of how you have done so in the past.  Be very specific, as this is the part of the resume where you are proving your value to your prospective employer.
  • Your qualifications and professional development activities should follow.  In this section, create a bulleted list with any certifications you have received.  Include any seminars, workshops or training programs you have attended. 
  • Next, list your previous employment.  Make a list of your previous jobs, including dates of employment, position titles and your roles & responsibilities.  The list should be in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position first.
  • At the end of your resume, you should list two or three referees, including their phone numbers.  If you do not want to include referees just yet, simply state that ‘Referees are available upon request’. 
  • Finally, be sure to proof-read your resume carefully, as typographical errors will not be viewed favourably.

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