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CV / Resume Inclusions Do's & Don'ts

The following is a list of do's and don'ts when decideing what to include in your resume:


  • Do tailor your resume/c.v. (and covering letter) to suit each job you are applying for
  • Do list only relevant qualifications – highest qualification first
  • Do restrict your job history to the last 10 years
  • Do list languages you speak
  • Do list achievements – these will ‘sell’ you – tailor them to suit sales roles
  • Do use “technical” language that you know but it has to be language you know the employer is familiar with (e.g. B2B)
  • Do ensure you know your referees well and that they will say something positive. If unsure, have someone check them out for you
  • Do find other ‘professional’ referees if you haven’t a direct supervisor – e.g. lawyers, police officers, sports coaches, etc
  • Do state ‘referees available on request’ if you haven’t sorted them out yet
  • Do present the truth in the best possible light
  • Do ensure that, if something is mentioned in the covering letter, it is also included in the resume / c.v.
  • Do print off a copy of your resume and have someone proof read it before you send it off


  • Don't call your resume or c.v. “biodata”
  • Don't put your date of birth on the resume / c.v.
  • Don't include primary school education
  • Don't assume that the employer knows what qualifications or grades mean – you need to explain them
  • Don't list grades unless you are fresh out of high school (and if they’re at least reasonably good!)
  • Don't use an unprofessional email address – get a conservative one!
  • Don't use terms such as casual, part time, trainee, etc.  The only exception is if you are applying for the same sort of role
  • Don't terms such as acting, higher duties
  • Don't mention you have worked for yourself or for your family business.  Put yourself down as an employee in your own or your family’s business
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