Thursday, 18 August 2022
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CV / Resume Layout Do's & Don'ts

Make note of the following do's and don'ts when formatting your resume: 


  • Do use the same font throughout – arial or times new roman are the most common
  • Do use either prose or dot points, but dot points need to be meaningful and informative (i.e. make sure they are not too brief)
  • Do use high quality paper
  • Do include hobbies and interests, but only if you are a school leaver and / or if these hobbies and interests are directly relevant to the job
  • Do accept that resumes / c.v.’s can be of varying length and still be successful
  • Do group similar jobs under one generic heading on your resume, but only in those instances where you’ve held many similar casual, temporary part time roles (there’s no point in cluttering your resume with exhaustive lists of similar jobs)


  • Don't use too small a font – “12” point most common
  • Don't over-clutter the resume / c.v. – “white” spaces are OK
  • Don't underline headings (looks messy)
  • Don't use both sides of the paper
  • Don't use colour
  • Don't use cartoon characters or clip art
  • Don't fold your resume (even when mailing it) – use an A4 envelope instead
  • Don't use boxes or borders around the text or page
  • Don't use SMS (texting) slang or abbreviations
  • Don't include a photo unless you are absolutely sure that you ‘look the part’ (photos can be dangerous since employers can form biases from them and prejudice their decision to interview you)
  • Don't be overly concerned about the ‘right’ length for your resume.  However, as a guide, a young person / school leaver should have a resume of 2-3 pages in length (plus the covering sheet)
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