Friday, 18 September 2020
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Transferable Skills

The key thing to keep in mind for career changers are your “transferable skills”:

  • As always, you need believable competency statements backed up with evidence
  • These competency statements should link your old career skills / abilities to the new ones required for a career in sales
  • You need to illustrate how your accumulated experiences from your past career will match or contribute to your new sales career

An example of a competency statement for a personal assistant (PA) applying for a sales role:

Relationship skills

A relationship based on trust, understanding and mutual respect is essential to my role as a PA, just as it is in sales.  Despite working in high stress corporate environments for over 5 years I have established strong relationships with my managers. I have developed a skill for anticipating my managers’ needs and fulfilling their demands regardless of their very different temperaments and preferences. I firmly believe that these skills are essential to building relationships with customers in a sales environment.

  • Depending on how different the new career is, you may need to make a “lateral” career move to a similar level, or consider applying for a lower level position
  • In your resume / c.v. you will need to back up your intent to change careers with a convincing career statement in your “Overview” paragraph 

Overview Paragraph

An example of an “Overview” paragraph for a personal assistant (PA) applying for a sales role:

Building customer relationships and understanding their organisations’ needs are essential elements of sales roles. In my role as a PA I have developed strong skills in establishing and managing relationships with my managers, staff and consultants both within the organisation and external to it.  I understand the internal workings of large and complex corporations and my managers rely on me to seek out the right person to “get things done”.  My ambition is to employ these skills in a sales environment, where .  

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