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New Post 24/10/2015 2:34 PM
  vietnam manpower
28 posts
6th Level Poster

Top 10 worst jobs in 2015 

Are you sick of your job? Hate going to work every day? Well, if your job is not in this list, you seem still lucky

Each year, the job-hunting website CareerCast make an interesting research about the job market. According to some criteria like income, growth rate, Job rated score, they just found out what are the worst jobs in the different field in 2015. Check out to know how your job still better.

10. Mail Carrier

Why is it bad? The fast decrease in job development rate makes mail carrier has the worst chances for growth of all 200 jobs in the study.



9. Firefighter

Why is it bad? "When you put on the uniform and you jump on the firetruck, you know that every day you go to work can be your last day," says Mark Treglio, director of strategic campaigns for the International Association of Fire Fighters. This is one of the most dangerous jobs across all occupations. Have you remembered 2 explosions in Tianjin, China?



8. Taxi Driver

Why is it bad? Thanks to the growth of companies like Uber and Lyft, the competition in this job is getting fiercer than ever. Besides, they usually have to face a high-stress circumstances every day: rude customers, violent, low pay.



7. Corrections officer

Why is it bad? Well, not to mention at all the risks and dangers which are obvious when you’re working with the criminal. This job also puts people in a bad heath condition like sleep deprivation, stressful and low pay.



6. Photojournalist.

Why is it bad? With the development of smart phone, they have to face a fierce competition and the shrink demands on this job market. Meanwhile, online publications tend to hire part-time photojournalists only.



5. Broadcaster.

Why is it bad? A salary is lower than you expected and a harsh competition will make you stressful and disappointed. Don’t forget the long working hours and deadlines could break you down, especially when major events and breaking news unfold.



4. Cook

Why is it bad? Working in the kitchen is a fighting with the heat, in literally and metaphorical meaning. This job requires some particular skills and ability to deal with high stress.



3. Enlisted Military Personnel.

Why is it bad? Apparently, this job is not for everybody. You have to live far from your family, facing with seriously dangerous day by day. You need to be independent, brave, good at survival skills. If you make it home, a high chance is you will have depression or other mental problems.



2. Lumberjack.

Why is it bad? Maybe it’s a good news for people in this job because its ranking has slightly changed from the No.01 worst job in 2014 to No.02 in 2015. Bad work environment, high risk of injury, low pay, slow development rate are the main reasons why lumberjack is always in the top of worst jobs.



1. Newspaper reporter.

Why is it bad? Undeniable, print publications are dying, so is this job. Print journalists are forcing to deal with stiff job competition, stagnant salaries, tight deadlines and jam-packed work schedules as well. Can’t blame those change their career to PR/ media-relations or copywriter or blogger.

New Post 15/05/2020 2:57 PM
1 posts
10th Level Poster

Re: Top 10 worst jobs in 2015 
I am looking for job in IT sector although I don’t have much experience in this field. Still I believe once you get in to the things got easy for you. So IT is like my cup of tea and I wanted to pursue my career in this field.I would like to visit website again for the updates.
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  Discussions  Job Seeker Foru...  Sales Jobs  Top 10 worst jobs in 2015
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