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  Discussions  Job Seeker Foru...  Sales Training   Clichéd Phrases to Avoid: Common Writing Style Problems
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New Post 1/03/2021 11:50 PM
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Clichéd Phrases to Avoid: Common Writing Style Problems 
Some figures of speech go from being fashionable to being meaningless clichés. Rephrasing or cutting them will make writing clearer and more concise.

Most writers from custom thesis writing services would agree that proper diction and grammar are essential to a clear style. Clichés and stock phrases add little extra meaning to prose, and good writers avoid them.

But trends in usage change. If writers don't eliminate new clichés as they appear, they risk having their words lose force and clarity without even realizing it. Here are some common – and egregious – writing style problems flourishing right now.

Common Diction Problems – Impact

Using words without regard for their meanings is a writing error that must always be avoided. However, sometimes questionable diction comes into style, requiring writers to be extra careful when they write your essay. "Impact" is one such misused word.

Originally, "to make or to have an impact" was a useful figure of speech, when the proper meaning of "impact" was still well understood. An impact, strictly speaking, is when one object strikes another.

(Star Wars' Red Leader got it right when he said that his torpedo "just impacted on the surface" of the Death Star.)

But in recent years, "impact" has become clichéd, losing its figurative force. This has led to "impact" being adopted as a verb in place of "affect" – "How the new tax code will impact you," for example.

This has led to the even-more-awkward use of "impact" as an abstract noun ("What are the impacts of the new tax code?") and even an adjective ("The new tax code is very impactful"). Substituting words like "effects," "successful," or even plain old "good" will result in clearer writing.

Current Filler Phrases – Going Forward, On the Ground, and Basically

According to the Write My Paper service, another common problem in current writing (and speech) is the use of filler phrases – expressions which are clichéd and don't express anything meaningful.

Among the most frequently used nowadays is "going forward," as in, "This is what we need to do going forward." At first a substitute for "from now on," "going forward" is too often used without thought. Delete "going forward" from the previous example, and it isn't missed at all – "This is what we need to do."

A similarly overused phrase is "on the ground." A figure of speech originating in the military, "on the ground" means "at the scene of fighting" or other operations. But now the phrase is watered down to the point where it has no force. People arguing about "the facts on the ground" could just as easily be arguing about "the facts."

Adverbs can also be overused. "Basically" is one that can be cut from writing without any loss of meaning or clarity. Note how "This is basically a new way of doing things" is no different from "This is a new way of doing things."

"Virtually" is another offender, though more as an equivocating modifier. When food is touted as "virtually fat-free," what is meat is that it is "not actually fat-free."

Improving Writing Style

English usage changes over time, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of misuse. As a result, writers from professional paper writing services must constantly be aware of words and phrases that have recently slipped from vibrant figures of speech to dull clichés. If they let such phrases slip into their work, their writing won't be very "impactful going forward."
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  Discussions  Job Seeker Foru...  Sales Training   Clichéd Phrases to Avoid: Common Writing Style Problems
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