Wednesday, 6 July 2022
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  Discussions  Job Seeker Foru...  Sales Training   Equal Words - Word search game for PC and Windows Phone
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New Post 24/06/2022 1:50 PM
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Equal Words - Word search game for PC and Windows Phone 

Equal Words is a casual game that combines fun elements ofcrossword puzzles, quizzes and word shuffle genres.

Equal Words is an attractive and quite difficult word searchgame with a simple, player-friendly interface. This game's main menu includesoptions like starting the game, viewing the weekend quizzes, and viewing thehelp screen. The player is allowed to mute the sound from the settings or themain menu.

Equal Words is almost a version of word unscrambler. Thegoal is to find words among many letters. Players will get hints for each wordand to successfully solve the puzzle, the player must shuffle the lettersvertically until the correct word appears at the bottom. Once that English wordhas been formed, the corresponding letters are removed from the board.

The Equal Words game screen will show hints at the top ofthe screen and a grid of letters at the bottom. Puzzles usually consist of 6 to8 hints of equal length. Besides, 4 buttons will be located on the right sideof the game screen to help replay (Reset), use hints (Hint), swap (Shuffle) andcheck answers (Check answer).

To build a word, the player needs to click and drop theletters vertically to the bottom of the board (which is green). If the playeris feeling stuck, the Shuffle button helps shuffle the letters for a freshlook. If still can't find a word, the player can use the available hints toreveal 3 letters or all letters. Remember that the number of hints is limitedbut can be filled by paying in the game.

After completing the word at the bottom, the player canclick the button to check the result. If the answer is correct then the lettersare removed and the clue is marked as solved. Players can focus on solvingpuzzles without having to worry about other things like game timing systems orplaytime limits.

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  Discussions  Job Seeker Foru...  Sales Training   Equal Words - Word search game for PC and Windows Phone
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