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New Post 17/10/2015 2:39 PM
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8th Level Poster

How to develop leadership skills 
Leadership is one of the most important required factors for a manager. Businesses often ask qualifications and expertise, of course, soft skills are also indispensable in a management position. And the most important skill is leadership.  
Whether you have been promoted to higher positions or a newly appointed head of the group, or you are looking to improve your skills to become leaders in the future, the following tips from Vietnam Recruitment are likely to help you.
1. Develop a vision
Focus on the overall picture
There is one thing you need to understand that teamwork process have to suit your company's performance, image and success. Plan the long term strategy for your department and communication with superiors, as well as discussions with other employees. Set a realistic goal and consider your expectations in the general context.
Having ambitions

Ambition does not mean combative and aggressive. Use your ambition wisely. You should not try to climb higher position in the company by "trampling" on others. Be aware of the location you want to achieve in your career, seize the opportunity and accept the challenge.
2. Confidence
Understanding yourself
Promote your strengths and try to improve your weaknesses. Never be afraid to ask questions or to learn new knowledge. You do not need to know everything or become the best. If you are not good at doing things carefully, make sure that your team has the best in the array. You need to work with people who bring benefits to the company and everyone has their own strengths.
Ready for unforeseen circumstances so you will not be surprised when that situation occurs. If you have ever thought to the problems that may happen, you would be able to make confident decisions or necessarily corrective action.

Controlling stress
If you feel the need to control something, the first thing is the level of your stress. Be confident in yourself and encourage others as well as your confidence.
Accept criticism
Express your confidence by accepting the negative comments from others. Do not show defense or become arrogant or even a submissive attitude. Look for helpful and constructive point in any public criticism and thank them. Let's show your professionalism and maturity. Learning to listen is one of the important leadership skills you need to achieve in order to become a good leader.
3. Human connection skill

Always be interested in listening to the others’ opinions. Find out the policy or problems causing the obstacles to your team to overcome and achieve better results. You should also encourage employees to offer themselves solutions.
A good leader does not think he is always right. Be open to dissent, ideas and innovations. If your employees feel comfortable to speak and participate in the construction and implement their ideas, they will look for opportunities to help company grow.
Support others

Express the empathy, patience and skip the frustration of working with those who are less dedicated and less oriented than you. Always treat with courtesy and respect for each of your colleagues and employees. Keep in mind that how you interact with others will affect how you are perceived in terms of a leader.

Source:How to develop leadership skills part 1
New Post 28/04/2020 4:00 AM
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10th Level Poster

Re: How to develop leadership skills 
If you did not have the skills that are needed in the market. Then you should follow their instructions in my view. Also they provide cheap essay writing service to write your unique assignment easily. Because the things they have discussed are essential in every field. And they also told us the way fo practicing them.
New Post 4/05/2020 8:36 PM
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10th Level Poster

Re: How to develop leadership skills 
Mostly peoples do not understand the responsibilities of a leader and when they become a professional leader so they take the step that is not good because they do not have the skills of leaders. Now, those peoples have issues about the leadership skills now they can take the best and important points from this post who is giving good points and If do not understand any points so they can read the blog of cipd assignments website that is also giving the good lesson about the leadership skills.
New Post 6/05/2020 6:11 PM
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10th Level Poster

Re: How to develop leadership skills 
Modified By jabirshiekh  on 6/05/2020 7:13:07 PM)

According to the Resume Writers in Dubai, is a list of must-have leadership skills that may prove valuable to anyone. It will also help you looking to advance your career.You need strategic thinking, developing a vision of where you want to be. You need the skill people management, finding the right people and motivating them to work towards your vision. You must have self-awareness, communication skills, influence, and learning agility.

New Post 6/05/2020 7:58 PM
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10th Level Poster

Re: How to develop leadership skills 
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  Discussions  Job Seeker Foru...  Sales Training   How to develop leadership skills
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