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New Post 23/10/2015 2:51 PM
5 posts
8th Level Poster

What are recruiters looking for at your social network?  
Even when you do not provide your social media profiles, employers could still approach them via a few simple commands. So, what do they want to find, search and evaluate from “private place” of candidates?
A clear portrait of candidates

Based on respecting individual liberty principle, recruiters show the sparkle in screening appropriate employees only through a few clicks to check your Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Tumblr, even Flickr, Youtube…
According to a new trend, almost recruiters care about personal page of applicants. It’s just a different approach way up to different job positions. For example, when they read your status in Facebook, they could partly understand you, what you think, which is not dominated by anyone.
Why recruiters try to access your social media.

Through your social account, employers have in their hands a part of your characteristic, knowledge, communicate ability. It is not too different from reality, except some bluffs.
On the other hand, they could catch sight of your lies about experiences from these connection networks. You can easily be failed because of pessimistic contents, offensive photos, which are just a little of those consequences many candidates have to pay for their opportunities.
Looking for appropriate level with applying position

There is no common formula for consultation via a personal page. As an illustration, in PR or marketing field, they need people having passion about connecting with others. And they will proactive to find the signs of status, comment, note, image, is it attractive, beautiful or valued? With some kinds of works require meticulousness, you should not regularly misspell. With a designer, you should show your esthetic thinking, etc.
Building your “Brand card”

All leading incorporates want employees having professional working manner, intelligence behaviors in real life as well as, of course, social network.
Social network is just like a double-edged sword, if you know how to build a personal image, many job opportunities will open to you and reverse. You, especially young candidates, should grab your chances and take part in social page strategies, where are the ideal “dating” places between employers and employees. Simultaneously, your online profiles are needed to improve and complete from time to time.
Pay attention, candidates’ abilities not only are proved by this tool but also reality career challenges. If you don’t have an impressive capacity, you can fail any time.
Source: What are recruiters looking for at your social network?
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New Post 27/06/2020 5:31 PM
1 posts
10th Level Poster

Re: What are recruiters looking for at your social network?  
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  Discussions  Job Seeker Foru...  Sales Recruitme...  What are recruiters looking for at your social network?
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