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New Post 16/10/2015 1:53 PM
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8th Level Poster

Is social media killing the recruitment agencies? 

With more than 10 million of applicants found their jobs through LinkedIn and 427,000 CVs have posted every week on Monster, no one can’t deny the intense impact of social media in recruitment. Accompany with the increase in hiring and connecting directly from employers to candidates, there are some controversy arguments about what if these new recruitment ways will destroy Agency Recruiters like a natural selection?


Recruitment Agencies are not killed. It’s growing!




According to some recent surveys, they have provided an astounding result that 86% of APAC recruitment companies expect to expand and receive a higher revenue in this year. Temp job also coming back as a trend in the job market when more and more entrepreneurs look for temporary employees for their recruitment solution and they use recruitment agencies to hire. Not LinkedIn. Not Job Boards. Why did that happen?


1. Recruiting is different from Sourcing




In 2014, over 90% of resumes are posted online or sent to recruiters via email, which means thanks to this channel, you had in your hand a large number of data sources, not employees. LinkedIn doesn’t have any magical recipe to turn anyone into your staffs right away. To fill job vacancies in your companies, you still have to get through a strict and careful process. Having a hammer at your disposal doesn’t mean you are a carpenter.


2. There are a lot of outdated profiles.

The truth is lots of people don’t take the time to update their profile in LinkedIn or other social networks (we don’t count their status on Facebook and Twitter if you’re wondering). And still people or passive candidates don’t even have a LinkedIn account, which requires some special soft skills, professional knowledge to approach them, not only a few simple clicks.


3. Social media only is a tool, not a human being.




No matter how great LinkedIn and other social media are, they still cannot replace recruiters when they need to persuade, negotiate, guard against counter-offers, etc. Or if you are looking for a special position and going to find the keyword isn’t included in a profile, you won’t find anything. Equally significant, the development of recruitment tools is hard to catch up with the change in the job market and adaptation of people.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn and other social media are not the weapons to kill recruitment agencies or recruiters in companies, but both the assistance tool in hiring industry and the filter requiring the a positive change in global recruitment industry.

Source: Career Advice Blog
New Post 26/04/2016 4:27 PM
1 posts
10th Level Poster

Re: Is social media killing the recruitment agencies? 
Nice thread. The points are really good. However I think these firms are getting affected at least to some extent. Many a times people register to the sites and wait for some response. So, the firms are losing out on such clients/ customers. 
New Post 3/08/2019 8:55 PM
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9th Level Poster

Re: Is social media killing the recruitment agencies? 
Nice article to read though The social media has made process for applying the job easy while just sitting at home you can apply to many companies but it sometimes gets difficult for the user to handle many job application at once as the user tends to apply on many company at once and fails to attend the face interview due to its mismanagement and recruiter has to waste the time reminding them by the way I got job through linkedin in 
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  Discussions  Job Seeker Foru...  General Discuss...  Is social media killing the recruitment agencies?
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