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Listen To The Experts

As part of the Career Advice section, you are able to listen to or download our latest Job Seeker Podcasts.

Simply click on either the associated "Title" link to listen to the file or "Download" link to save the file onto your iPod, iPhone or other portable media player device in the same way you would save a music file.

By choosing to download the files onto your iPod, you can listen to them anywhere and as often as you like. For those Podcasts encouraging you to practice your interview skills, simple press the “Pause” button while you are rehearsing your responses.

These tools are a great way to help you prepare for your next interview.

Any files downloaded from this site are subject to acceptance of our standard Terms & Conditions.

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 TitleDescription Size
myfirstsalesjob ® Episode 01IntroductionDownload5.38 MB
myfirstsalesjob ® Episode 02Why Should You Consider A Career Change Into Sales? Download4.61 MB
myfirstsalesjob ® Episode 03 Recruitment And Assessment Processes Download6.64 MB
myfirstsalesjob ® Episode 04 How Can You Get A Sales Job Without Sales Experience? Download6.11 MB
myfirstsalesjob ® Episode 05 Sales Interview Part I - Grooming & PresentationDownload5.25 MB
myfirstsalesjob ® Episode 06 Sales Interview Part II - How To Answer Interview Questions Download6.40 MB
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