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If you are considering a professional sales career, a graduate, have a trade / technical background or some relevant industry experience & planning on changing careers, then click on the links below. They provide an insight into sales along with helpful career advice from salespeople working in the types of industries / market segments we recruit for:

Advertising & Marketing

Food & Beverage Processing

POS & Labelling

Audiovisual & Production

Health & Safety

Professional Services

Automation, Process & Control

Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration

Pumps, Valves & Fittings

Cleaning & Waste Management

Hydraulics & Pneumatics





Contracting & Employment

Information Technology

Test & Measurement

Data Preparation & Processing

Machinery & Equipment


Drafting & Design

Materials Handling & Packaging

Transport & Logistics

Electrical & Electronic

Medical & Scientific

Fire Protection & Security

Office Equipment


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Sergio - Managing Director / 4LOOP

What did you do before you started your sales career?

IT Program Management

What was your first sales job and how did you land it?

My first sales job was Business Development Manager for my own company, 4LOOP. I landed it because I was the one with the most suitable personality.

Explain what you like about your current sales position.

I like meeting clients and understanding what their problems are and how we can help solve them and improve things. I also like the fact that I am establishing and building something in the industry that provides excellent financial rewards and is associated with "can do" and "good people to work with".

Tell us what you don’t like about sales jobs.

Dealing with middle management in large corporates can get frustrating at times - in general they can be political and loose sight of the end business goal and lack the attitude to get things done.

What are some common sales myths in the Consulting industry?

If you have the right solution, people will buy from you. Business is people and people buy from people, not from solutions.

What career advice would you give a graduate or person thinking of a career change so they could find sales vacancies in your industry

  • Create a network
  • Having the ability to understand internally what it is you're going to be selling
  • Have an organised approach to identify new business opportunities
  • Create new opportunities for your new organisation outside of their current markets
  • Have the desire to win NEW business

Is there any other career advice you would give to someone thinking about sales jobs and starting a sales career?

Understand what you are selling and how this benefits the business. Listen & understand what your clients want. Read between the lines. Then apply this to each individual relationship you develop. 

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