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If you are considering a professional sales career, a graduate, have a trade / technical background or some relevant industry experience & planning on changing careers, then click on the links below. They provide an insight into sales along with helpful career advice from salespeople working in the types of industries / market segments we recruit for:

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Anna -  Recruitment Consultant / Coachwood IT & Executive Recruitment

What did you do before you started your sales career?

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at University. During this time I worked in a retail store and also did some general administration for a HR company.

What was your first sales job and how did you land it?

My first sales role was as a Junior Recruitment Consultant with a small recruitment firm over three years ago.  This was my first role out of university and I was offered a junior role because I demonstrated that I was eager to learn and develop my skills.  I was required to support the senior consultants initially before I was given the opportunity to develop my own business.

Explain what you like about your current sales position.

My current role provides me with a lot of autonomy and diversity.  It is up to me to make my role my own and create my own opportunities.

Tell us what you don’t like about sales jobs.

Long sales cycles and quiet periods are two of the things that I don't like about sales.  It can be demotivating if you work for long periods of time on a role and results do not follow.  The same can be said when things are quiet as it becomes a constant challenge to keep yourself motivated if you don't have any wins on the board.

What are some common sales myths in the Recruitment industry? 

A common myth is that an organisation cannot go outside their Preferred Supplier Panel to include any other agencies.  If the panel is not delivering what the client needs they will often be open to other agencies supplying candidates.

What career advice would you give a graduate or person thinking of a career change so they could find sales vacancies in your industry?

Make sure that you take the time to understand your client's industry and their core business so that you are able to demonstrate how you can best help them. Listen when they tell you what they need, don't just jump in and start selling.  It is also important to build your network.

Recruitment is a fickle industry and if you can establish your reputation as a professional recruiter you will find that you are often referred to other organisations as a recruiter of choice.

Is there any other career advice you would give to someone thinking about sales jobs and starting a sales career?

Identify your goals and what you want to achieve and then break this down into a list of daily tasks - for example, to receive a job order, you have to make x number of calls, go on x number of visits etc.

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