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YTD sales have increreased by some 150% equating to an additional $2.5m worth ..."

R. Laird / General Manager
Asset Plant & Machinery

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Machinery & Equipment

The links below provide a guide to the type of industries / market segments we provide our Sales Training, Sales Recruitment & Sales Consulting services too, along with feedback from a few sample clients in each:

Advertising & Marketing

Food & Beverage Processing

POS & Labelling

Audiovisual & Production

Health & Safety

Professional Services

Automation, Process & Control

Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration

Pumps, Valves & Fittings

Cleaning & Waste Management

Hydraulics & Pneumatics





Contracting & Employment

Information Technology

Test & Measurement

Data Preparation & Processing

Machinery & Equipment


Drafting & Design

Materials Handling & Packaging

Transport & Logistics

Electrical & Electronic

Medical & Scientific


Fire Protection & Security

Office Equipment


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Sales Programs, Sales Courses, Sales Workshops, Sales Seminars, Sales Classes & Sales Conferences

We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:

"We have noticed a significant improvement in one of our sales staff's performance after deciding to send them along to Fear - The Art of Selling . This has proved to be a great investment as his YTD sales have increased by some 150% equating to an additional $2.5m worth of sales revenue per annum."

R. Laird - General Manager


"Even with over 20 years of sales experience, this sales training course still taught me some VERY GOOD prospecting & selling techniques."

M. Hone - Sales & Applications


"The sales training course provided me with a number of useful tools to help me in my sales career. I particularly liked practising these skills in group roles plays which have given me a lot more confidence."

D. Jackson – Product Manager


"In Fear – The Art of Selling proved to me that there really is a lot to learn about selling. Tim showed me all about the vital points that make things work in the real world of sales. This was a valuable experienceand worth every cent!"

J. Maskell – Victorian Sales Manager


"The sales training was very current. It was presented in a manner that was understandable, accurate, and fun. It provided a clear direction to achieve the maximum profits in selling."

A. Couty – Sales Executive


"Fear – The Art of Selling reinforced proven techniques on how to sell. The early sessions, on introduction letters and cold calling were particularly beneficial for me."

G. Bosward – Sales Manager


“Fear – The Art of Selling was a real eye opener and provided a wealth of knowledge! I now feel that I have a better understanding of the physiological side of selling that will help me engaging with customers, prospects and also our suppliers. I will certainly be keeping these notes for future reference.

R. Overall – Product Sales & Applications


"I found the sales training course to be very enjoyable and I am now aware of how important it is to ask some of the qualifying questions I was previously uncomfortable asking prospects."

D. Barrett - Sales Engineer (Robotics)


"Being perceived now as a sales consultant instead of simply a sales person will help me build trust quicker with prospects resulting in long lasting business relationship."

R. Maiorana - Sales Manager


"The sales course is aptly named as it has equipped me with confidence that has taken away some of the fear and uncertainty I felt with my selling techniques. I now have a new self-assurance to tackle sales opportunities with total confidence."

Enjoyment 6/6, New Ideas 6/6, Relevance 5/6

G. Perry - Regional Manager


"My initial thoughts when told about this sales training course was ‘How can it help me?’ A certain amount of scepticism existed, but now I’m so glad I attended! I am on my way to becoming a professional sales person."

L. Harvey – Australasian Sales Manager


"The course material was informative, educational and very relevant within the complex sales environment. Understanding and developing the full sales process was a valuable tool."

J. Peristeris – Technical Sales Engineer


"Having attended a few sales courses in the past, Fear - The Art of Selling has been the most effective! I have picked up some great pointers that will help me succeed in sales.”

Enjoyment 6/6, Learning 6/6 & Relevance 5/6

N. Kanoon – Technical Sales

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