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Fear – The Art of Selling was FANTASTIC! ... it was simple to understand yet thought provoking ..."

L. Muscat / BDM
NEC Australia

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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:

"Preparation is everything and Fear – the Art of Selling has definitely met my expectations in this regard. I now have a structured method to this sales ‘madness’ – it’s the first training course in 12 years which has taught me anything!”

J. Vakapuna – Business Development Manager


"The sales training was full of relevant material that I know will benefit the way I sell, do business and assist others within the sales team.
Thanks Tim for your experience. I wish I did this course 2 years ago!"

N. Cairns – North States Manager


"By completing this sales training course, I was able to use the techniques taught and implement them to close a $100K deal that may not have been possible otherwise."

D. Mather – Business Development Manager


"It is always good to take a look at sales strategies and sales techniques from an outsider such as Tim. I will try to put these new techniques into practice and hopefully achieve some great results."

M. Byford – Service Manager SA & WA


"For someone with no previous sales experience, I found the sales training course interesting and informative. Even if I never become a sales person, a lot of the teachings, especially presenting and relationship building, can be applied to all of my work-related aspects."

J. Fuentes – Project Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling taught me so much, even after being in sales for 11 years and attending 10+ sales courses! The use and application of this type of knowledge is power and delivers results!"

C. Africa – Business Development Manager


"As part of this year’s sales conference for our dealer network in Melbourne & Sydney, we asked Deakon to present an introduction to their Fear - The Art of Selling course. The workshops were informative, practical, interactive, entertaining and well received by our internal staff and channel partners which made rolling the full sales training programme out on a national basis a very easy decision. "

Tom Di Conza - Sales & Marketing Manager


"Our sales manager attended Fear – The Art of Selling after 8 years of sales experience to learn how to hunt for new business from the best. Using Deakon’s prospecting techniques including letter writing resulted in a 33% success rate in un-chartered territories not 1 or 2%."

A. McVey - Managing Director


"Tim, thankyou for explaining what I have been watching happen in the sales process without fully understanding why. I look forward to refreshing my thoughts in the future by reading your sales training course notes again over the coming years. The sales training workshops were BRILLIANT! "

S. Rae - Communications Consultant


"Fear - The Art of Selling was a fantastic course to attend with the curriculum being to the point, current and very easy to understand. The role plays were enjoyable and the handout notes provided each week make putting what I learnt into practice simple & pain free. I am already seeing the benefits of the programme – 10/10 course, I will be the first to enrol in Tim’s next course! "

Matthew Tokarczuk - Business Development Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling was FANTASTIC! From the initial hunting concepts through to the final closing techniques; it was simple to understand yet thought provoking."

L. Muscat - Business Development Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling provided me with a lot of tips that will have a huge impact when implemented during the day-to-day sales process. The templates in particular will be extremely valuable."

E. Maprock - Business Applications Consultant


"I believe that Fear – The Art of Selling has been the best sales training course I have done to date. It has raised some questions about my selling style and now I feel I have the answers. Thanks Tim."

N. Kostelac - Sales Manager


"The sales training workshops were an extremely worthwhile experience. Useful new tools and techniques were introduced in a constructive and dynamic learning environment. It was a very entertaining course but at the same time very well structured and practically focussed."

P. Williams - Business Development Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling has many innovative components that I have not seen in any other sales course and was well worth attending. There were many positive aspects that I can weave into my existing sales processes. "

M. Ring - Director


"The sales training workshops were very informative and the sales structure was defined BRILLIANTLY! The workbooks provided will enable me to go over & over the material as required. Thanks Tim "

S. Music - BDM


"The sales course taught me not to ‘problem solve’ too early. I have learnt to recognize when I was doing the wrong thing in meetings and now I understand how to rectify my mistakes."

B. Sutton – National Sales Manager


"The sales training course is a great base for advancing important skills in ‘The Art of Selling’. It emphasizes the key ingredients of preparation and thoughtful persistence."

D. Benjamin – Managing Director


"I came into this course with little sales knowledge and came out with far more confidence and understanding of the sales process. In fact the most important thing for me was identifying a process that I can certainly begin to use.”

K. Briscoe – Managing Director


"I initially had fear towards the sales course, however, I came with a complete open mind and a desire to learn. Now I leave the course with the resources to achieve even more than I expected.”

S. Gargan – Account Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling is very relevant to a technical salesperson. The course had a great structure and Tim has a wealth of knowledge and is a very good facilitator. Anyone in sales should do this course for sure - INVALUABLE."

A. Piers – Business Development Manager


"The sales training course gave me real world practical knowledge & experience that is completely relevant to my business. Confidence and success are sure to follow with practice now that I have the formulas.

Thanks Tim!”

Enjoyment 6/6, Learning 6/6 & Relevance 5/6

M. Nesbitt – Director


"Through eight concise and effective modules Fear – The Art of Selling was able to refine and improve my sales ability.

Thanks Tim."

L. Boicos – Sales Executive

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