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Calculation of Incentive Entitlement (E) Minimize


Contract of Employment Of Sales Executive (Extract ...)


3.1 The commencing base salary is $60,000 per annum, paid monthly
3.2 This figure excludes the amount determined by the employer’s statutory obligation to pay superannuation on behalf of the employee
3.3 Guaranteed commission of $2,000 per month for first 6 months 
3.4 After 6 months commission will be 7% of net invoice value of orders received
3.5 There is no cap, ceiling or decelerators applicable to the commission plan
3.6 The employer will provide a car allowance of $14,000 per annum, paid monthly
3.7 The salary will be reviewed annually and based on the performance of the employee
3.8 Statutory 9% Non Contributory Superannuation will be submitted on your behalf


4.1. The employee shall be entitled to reimbursement of such expenses as are reasonably and necessarily incurred by the employee (with the consent of the employer) in performing their duties under this agreement including expenses for home office, entertainment and travel. Such reimbursement shall be made upon production by the employee of an itemised account of expenditures substantiated by vouchers pursuant to company policy.

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