Wednesday, 6 July 2022
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Sales Market Overview

For the past 17 years Australia has experienced continuous economic expansion. This has put significant pressure on companies to sustain growth levels and has had a marked impact on the sales function.

Although 2009 is likely to see a slowdown in the economy, companies are looking to increase revenue generation through new market opportunities and greater market penetration. This will continue to drive the demand for sales professionals who are willing to hunt for new business.

One trend that has been gaining momentum in the sales sector over the past few years is the mobility of professional salespeople. Due to the transferable nature of sales skills and the number of sales career opportunities available throughout Australia, we have noticed a number of sales staff moving interstate.

With the higher costs associated with living in Sydney, many sales professionals in that state are realising that a sales career in Melbourne or Brisbane is a far more appealing prospect.

The sales jobs market continues to have large numbers of sales vacancies for experienced / senior sales professionals with technical backgrounds and application knowledge to sell a range of products & services.

With our tightest labour market in Australia in over three decades, employers clearly need to take a long term view of how to retain and attract talent. Financial incentives are often not enough to retain the best salespeople and areas that need to be considered include: training & personal development, child care and unpaid or paid maternity / paternity leave.

For entry level sales positions, companies also need to become more flexible when it comes to industry experience. Any hiring decision should be based on competency and cultural fit rather than specific skill sets that can be learned on the job.



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