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Our Assessment Process

To develop our assessment processes, our psychologists worked in consultation with sales industry experts to ascertain what makes a great sales person.  A battery of psychometric assessments were then designed around the identified sales skills and attributes.

The assessments are a combination of general reasoning tests, personality profiling, a role play activity, and behavioural interviewing techniques.  All have proven predictive validity qualities, known to accurately ascertain the likelihood of success in a sales career. 

To find out more about our assessment processes goto the Assessment ProcessAssessment Days sections under the Job Seekers tab.

Our Sales Career Development Solution

Once you select your applicant from the shortlisted candidates provided to you, your sales recruiter will continue to work with you to ensure your appointee makes a successful transition into a professional sales career.  All candidates participate in our proven Sales Training program, Fear the Art of Selling ® which includes eight (8) half day sessions (one per week)

The course covers key sales competencies including planning skills, prospecting & cold calling skills, business writing skills, communication & listening skills, investigation & development skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, closing skills and general time management & problem solving skills.

Each of the eight (8) units in the sales training course leverages off the previous to build a practical knowledge base for sales professional to use in the field:

  • Unit 1: B2B-S301A Planning Skills
  • Unit 2: B2B-S302A Writing Skills
  • Unit 3: B2B-S303A Prospecting Skills
  • Unit 4: B2B-S304A Relationship Skills
  • Unit 5: B2B-S305A Investigation Skills
  • Unit 6: B2B-S306A Development Skills
  • Unit 7: B2B-S307A Negotiation Skills
  • Unit 8: B2B-S308A Closing Skills

Replacement Guarantee

At myfirstsalesjob ® we guarantee our appointees.  In the event that the employment of the introduced candidate terminates other than by reason of redundancy within the first twelve (12) weeks from the commencement of employment, the Client is entitled to one (1) replacement candidate free of charge.

The replacement candidate is then required to undertake the full sales training program to ensure their success. Full details of our Replacement Guarantee are available in the Terms & Conditions section.

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