Wednesday, 6 July 2022
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Flexibility, Competency & Transferable Skills

Competition amongst employers for sales talent remains strong and candidates are becoming increasingly more selective about the type of companies they want to work for. For these reasons it is important that employers remain flexible and foster a positive recruitment experience for the candidates they engage with.

Employers looking to recruit NEW sales staff need to communicate their company values and culture to prospective candidates during the initial sales job interview. It is important to focus on the benefits of working for your company as salespeople will perform best when they feel proud & passionate about the products and services they sell.

You also need to consider personality and culture fit within an organisation when interviewing short–listed candidates. The cost of hiring the wrong person is higher than taking the time to find someone with the right personality fit for your business. When you think about the time and monetary costs of having to go through the recruitment and training process again, it’s better to find the right person in the first place.

Employers who focus more on competency and transferable skills and are open to considering applicants from other industries are finding that they are successfully attracting and retaining a higher calibre of candidates.

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