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Sales Recruitment Key Differentiators

myfirstsalesjob ® sets itself apart from other recruitment agencies by focussing purely on sales careers.  We are sales recruitment specialists.

Not only are we specialist in sales recruitment, myfirstsalesjob ® offers an alternative to traditional sales recruitment agencies in two key areas:

  • We put our candidates through an intensive Screening and Assessment Process using psychometric assessment tools.  This process has been carefully designed by psychologists to identify the key sales skills and attributes necessary for a successful sales career. 
  • As part of our unique sales recruitment scheme, all appointees receive an intensive Sales Training program.  The training is designed to embark appointees on their sales careers and ensures their success within your business. 

About The Candidates

At myfirstsalesjob ® we encourage applications from candidates who do not necessarily have a background in sales, but may have key skills and attributes that are readily transferable and valued by the sales industry. 

We consider applications from candidates from all walks of life, whether they are graduates, changing careers, looking for career development or exploring new career opportunities. 

Our sales recruiters work with you to understand your business needs, culture and job requirements.  Once we have a clear understanding of your business and your job placement requirements, we implement a sales recruitment campaign to attract the right calibre of applicants. 

Working With You

myfirstsalesjob ® will assign a dedicated senior Sales Recruiter to manage each stage of the recruitment process. Your Sales Recruiter will develop a comprehensive understanding of the kind of candidate you would like to recruit to ensure that your sales job placement requirements are fulfilled. 

Once we understand your needs, your Sales Recruiter will structure a recruitment campaign to ensure we only attract candidates that best match the skills and attributes you have requested. 

Each applicant for the sales job will have undergone and advanced through our rigorous Screening and Assessment Process. This will ensure that only the best and most suitable candidates are put forward for you to interview, saving time and money. 

As each candidate is thoroughly assessed by the team at myfirstsalesjob ®, we find that employers only need to interview a maximum of three to five (3 - 5) candidates for each sales job.
Once you have appointed a candidate, our sales recruiter will arrange for them to attend our intensive eight module sales training program, Fear the Art of Selling ®.  This will provide your appointee with all the necessary sales skills to be a successful professional B2B sales person.   

What Are The Business Benefits?

  • We increase our client's revenue & profits by providing them with new sales staff with the right combination of skills, attributes & motivation required to embark on a professional sales career.
  • We reduce our client’s expenses by running the assessment processes for them. Running an assessment centre is a time consuming and expensive business.
  • We save our client’s time by only putting forward a handful of applicants for them to select from based on the hundreds of people who apply to each job application.
  • Outsourcing the sales recruitment process to myfirstsalesjob ® also frees up our client’s staff to focus on their core business and leave the assessment, placement and training of new sales staff to the experts.
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