Wednesday, 6 July 2022
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Business Development Managers & Account Managers

It is a buoyant employment market for professional B2B salespeople and there is no indication of it slowing down despite the outlook of future weakening economic conditions.

Nearly 66% of employers that were recently surveyed expect to increase the number of salespeople they employ during the next 12 months. Their main reason for this continued growth in employment is the introduction of new products and services.

There is still a severe lack of professional salespeople with the right skill sets. This issue has been amplified by candidates leaning towards Account Management roles that do not require the aggressive creation of new business opportunities associated with Business Development sales positions.

The demand for quality candidates far outweighs the supply in the market. Companies often find themselves constrained in their growth plans because they do not have the right sales staff to support them.

Business Development Managers are very highly sought after across all market segments because they have a direct impact on the bottom line and employers are willing to pay a premium for the best talent. The demand for Account Managers also remains strong as companies plan to improve market share by selling new products & services into their existing customer base.

In a slowing economy, the Government departments including Federal, State & Local along with Defence are all prime targets as they continue to spend. Many companies who work in these markets segments are investing heavily in their sales capabilities by expanding their sales teams to maintain a competitive advantage.

The Advertising & Marketing, Automation, Process & Control, Software, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Data Preparation & Processing and Food & Beverage Processing industries remain particularly strong as companies look for ways to reduce operating costs and penetrate new markets.

Although business confidence has slowed over the past year, strong candidates for sales jobs will always have opportunities - after all, nothing happens until you sell something!

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