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Individual Assessments

The team from myfirstsalesjob ® are often asked by our clients to conduct "Individual Assessments" of their own applicants. Our screening and assessment processes have been designed by organisational psychologists to find individuals with the skills, aptitude and drive required to be a successful salesperson.

These Individual Assessments provide an economical solution for employers wishing to conduct part of the sales recruitment activities in-house.

The following is a brief summary of our processes:

Stage # 1 - Assessment activities including Psychometric Testing

Each candidate undergos a set of written aptitude tests. These assessment tools are designed to provide information about candidates’ general numerical & verbal reasoning ability, and also their written communication skills.

(Duration = 3.5 hrs) 

Stage # 2 - Online Questionnaire / Personality Profiling

Each candidates is then asked to complete an on-line questionnaire, which can be completed in their own time but prior to their one-on-one interviews with myfirstsalesjob ®.  This questionnaire is about the candidates' preferences, likes and dislikes.

(Duration = 40 min) 

Stage # 3 - One-on-One Interviews & Role Plays

A Senior Psychologist will then conduct a one-on-one interview which examines the applicant's sales competencies in detail. (A role play activity is incorporated into the interview process.)

(Duration = 1.5 hrs)

Stage # 4 - Hand Written Report Prepared by Senior Psychologist for Employer 

A comprehensive, seven (7) page recruitment report prepared by a senior psychologist is then provided to the client . This includes a summary of each candidate’s performance against the competencies assessed during the screening processes. 

(Duration = 1.5 hrs)

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