Thursday, 18 August 2022
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Stage I - Group Assessment


Up to forty (40) short listed candidates are invited to attend day one of the assessment process which is split into two smaller groups, a morning session and an afternoon session.  Each of the assessment sessions is conducted over a period of approximately 3 hrs in total. 

Upon arrival, candidates are provided with an overview of the day’s activities and of myfirstsalesjob's ® recruitment process.

Candidates are then asked to read our privacy policy and sign a consent form.

Written Assessments

The next step in the assessment process on day one involves a number of written assessments. These assessment tools are designed to provide information about candidates’ general reasoning ability, and also their written communication skills.

Resume Training

Candidates then undertake a training activity, on how to construct and write a professional resume. This training session runs for approximately 1 hr and covers the following topics:

  • Identifying key competencies required for a typical sales job
  • Identifying personal attributes which are directly relevant and applicable to the sales job in question
  • The recommended structure of a resume
  • How to construct a resume to suit a sales job

Candidates are also provided with comprehensive notes and templates for constructing their own resumes in the required format.

The Next Step ... 

Candidates are advised at the conclusion of the training session that they will be notified within five (5) business days via email whether they were short listed or not to advance to the next stage of the assessment process.

Candidates who are short listed will be required to prepare a resume in the format discussed during the training session and present it to our staff during the next stage of the assessment process. 

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