Thursday, 22 April 2021
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Stage II - Interviews (One-On-One)


Candidates are allocated a specific appointment time to attend the second day of the assessment centre. 


Candidates participate in a one-on-one interview which is supervised by a qualified organisational psychologist and runs for a period of approximately one hour.

  • Candidates MUST bring their newly completed resumes with them for discussion during the interview in the required format outlined in our training session. 
  • Candidates will be asked about their background and experience, their reasons for wanting to get into sales, and questions about how they have demonstrated certain behaviours in the past. 

Role Play

After the interview the candidate will participate in a one-on-one role play activity with the assessor. The role play activity runs for a period of approximately 35 minutes in total. The candidate is provided with background information and some reading time, then conducts a ‘meeting’ with a sales prospect.  Candidates do not need to have a background in sales to do well in this activity. 

The Next Step ... 

Candidates are advised at the conclusion of the screening interview and role play activity that they will be notified within one to three (1-3) business days via email or phone whether they were successfully short listed or not to advance to the next stage of the assessment process.

Successfully shortlisted candidates will then be provided with additional training material to assist them in their preparation for sales job interviews that we schedule for them with our clients. 

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