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What Is The Assessment Process?

Our screening and assessment processes have been designed to find individuals with the skills, aptitude and drive required to launch a successful career path into sales. 

Those candidates who best meet our requirements will progress through the various stages of the screening and assessment processes.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to helping our job seekers. Candidates who successfully progress through the initial assessment phases are provided with additional training covering CV Writing & Interview Skills free of charge. This will help you to present yourself to our clients in the best possible light. 

Once placed with one of our clients, you will receive ongoing support through our intensive, professional sales training course, Fear the Art of Selling ®.  This sales training course will teach you all you need to know to follow a successful career path into sales.

How Does The Assessment Process Work?

Candidates undergo a series of screening and assessment processes which are designed to ascertain whether they have the right combination of skills, abilities and attributes to ‘make it’ in a professional Business-to-Business (B2B) sales environment.  

These processes have been designed by organisational psychologists and are proven to be effective in sales recruitment. 

Only those individuals who are identified with true sales potential will be invited to progress through to subsequent stages of the screening and assessment process. 

Stage # 1 - Online Sales Job Applications

Candidates are asked to register their interest in a sales position advertised on either our web site or one of the main job bulletin boards including MyCareer under the official myfirstsalesjob ® banner / logo by completing an online application form and attaching their current CV.   

Stage # 2 - Telephone Screening Interviews

Those candidates who appear to meet our criteria for a sales career are invited to participate in a telephone interview.  The telephone interview includes questions about the candidates' background and their interest in pursuing a career in sales. 

Stage # 3 - Assessments and Training Workshop  

We invite up to forty (40) of the best candidates to meet with us and undergo a set of aptitude testing, designed to gather additional information about their general ability. As a reward for coming in to meet us, we provide candidates with a brief career information session on how to improve their resumes. 

Stage # 4 - On-line Questionnaire

Short listed candidates are asked to complete an on-line questionnaire, which can be completed in their own time but prior to their one-on-one interviews with myfirstsalesjob ®.  This questionnaire is about the candidates' preferences, likes and dislikes. 

Stage # 5 - myfirstsalesjob ® 1:1 Interviews

Short listed candidates are invited back for an interview which examines their sales competencies in detail.  A role play activity is incorporated into the interview process. 

Stage # 6 - Information Pack - Presentation and Interview Skills

By the time candidates reach this step in the assessment process we would have gathered enough information about them to be confident that they have what it takes to embark on a sales career.  So to help them prepare for their interviews with our clients, candidates are provided with an information pack on presentation and interview skills. This ensures we present to our clients a consistent and professional pool of candidates from which to choose.

Stage # 7 - Client Interviews (Sales Jobs)

Candidates who make it to this stage in the sales recruitment process have the opportunity to secure a sales job with one of our clients and kick start their exciting sales career.  Between 3 to 5 of the most suitable candidates will be put forward to our client for their consideration. 

Stage # 8 - Client Offers (Sales Jobs)

Successful candidates are offered sales positions by our clients!

Candidates who have reached this stage of our assessment process but are unsuccessful in securing a particular role will in most cases be able to apply for a sales position with one of our other clients interested in their particular set of skills.

So once candidates have succeeded in our selection processes they can potentially be ‘matched’ with more than just one of our clients, thereby increasing sales recruitment opportunities for both our clients and candidates!

Stage # 9 - Sales Training Course / Fear - The Art of Selling ®

This is where myfirstsalesjob ® sets itself apart from other sales recruitment agencies.  Once placed, our appointees undergo an intensive eight x half day sales training program, Fear the Art of Selling ®.  This will provide our appointees with all the necessary sales skills to be a successful professional B2B sales person.

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