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Career Changers – It’s Up To You!

At myfirstsalesjob ® we are not just interested in university graduates, as a significant proportion of our clients are seeking staff with specific industry knowledge. We firmly believe that candidates from all walks of life have skills to offer to B2B sales. Candidates considering changing careers are put through the same sales recruitment processes as graduates and also need to demonstrate that they have the necessary & transferable skills to embark on a successful sales career.  

We have job placement opportunities for career changers in a variety of industries. Many of our clients are interested in career changers who can demonstrate the drive and enthusiasm to make the transition, regardless of whether or not they have a degree. Most Technical Salespeople however have an engineering, trade or other technical background. Their industry and application knowledge is highly sort after by potential employers.

The best option for career changers is to choose a sales job in a similar industry or market segment to their current role and leverage off past work experience. When changing careers, you sometimes have to go one step backwards to move two steps forward and be willing to back yourself and have a go.  The rewards can be VERY attractive for those who apply themselves and are successful in making the transition into a professional B2B sales career.

As a career changer interested in a career in sales, there are a number of options available to you, however choosing the right company to start your sales career with is very important. You want to choose a company that can offer you a career path and one that is willing to invest in your personal development.

myfirstsalesjob ® ‘s core business is to find the next generation of professional B2B salespeople. We recruit for an extensive list of quality organisations who offer satisfying career opportunities in professional sales.

We operate in a diverse range of industries including - IT, Telecommunications, Software, Automation, Electronics, Medical, Scientific, Industrial, Manufacturing & Professional Services. Our clients range from very small businesses through to Fortune 500 companies.

myfirstsalesjob ® is much more than a sales recruitment agency. Once a successful job placement is made with one of our clients and following the completion of an agreed trial period, we provide career changers with extensive professional sales training. 

By providing career changers with valuable sales skills & knowledge in the first few months of commencing their first professional sales job, they are given the best opportunity to succeed.

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