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Recruitment Process Feedback 

Each year myfirstsalesjob ® receive thousands of applications and resumes from GraduatesCareer Changers and people Re-Entering The Workforce who are eager to embark on a professional sales career.

We could tell you how well run our Assessment Days are and how fairly we treat each prospective candidate attending them, however we though you might want to hear what they actually have to say:

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Melbourne ...

“I would recommend to any candidate trying to get into B2B sales.  Their thorough and structured approach leaves you feeling that their assessment is really designed to match the right candidate to the right role.  This is great for both the candidate and employer.  The guidance and communication I received throughout the process meant that, at all times, I felt informed, valued and supported and that the process was transparent throughout.  It really felt as though I were dealing with a professional whose focus was on arriving at the ideal fit for candidate and organisation rather than just filling a gap.  Then there is the sales training, which is invaluable for getting a start in a competitive environment and gives proven and successful methods for achieving results.  Thanks Dianna”.

Clem Murphy – Sales Executive / Comms IT


"Myfirstsalesjob cares about you! Coming from overseas it is not easy to find the necessary attention from the recruitment industry. My dealings with most recruitment agencies in the last years have been rather average. Myfirstsalesjob is different. They don’t want to fill their database with your details for a potential match for 100’s of positions which might come up in the future. They only have very few positions and target the right people for the right role.
myfirstsalesjob’s process was very professional from the initial phone interview, throughout the assessment centre (which no other recruitment agency did before) and a detailed interview with a professional psychologist (role-plays etc. included) before I finally had the interview with the my current employer. Myfirstsalesjob analyzed me well and therefore it was not difficult to succeed in the final interview with my current employer as I was the perfect match! If you are looking for your first sales job – I highly recommend myfirstsalesjob”.

D. Grosshans  – Business Development Executive / Kiandra


“Myfirstsalesjob have a unique approach that makes being a job candidate a great experience. Trying to gain employment is not normally considered a nice thing to do, but myfirstsalesjob have taken this dreaded experience and turned in to a great experience for all candidates who apply. Rather than being treated like another number and struggling to get noticed they help each candidate get as far though the process as they can go. It is very much a give and take situation, in the group assessment not only test your ability and personality but offer some great training on job seeking so all involved come out ahead. Myfirstsalesjob is more than a job agency because for the successful candidate they are not only there to get you the job they’re there to make you a success. By providing the Fear – the Art of Selling sales course through Deakon they teach you everything you need to excel in your new career.My experience with myfirstsalesjob was an exceptional experience and I strongly recommend them for job seekers and employers alike. I cannot imagine a better process to match candidate to position, as they have kick started me in to an amazing career”. 

S. Tyson  – Business Development Executive / Kiandra


“It’s so crucial when you start out in sales to learn the basics of approach, follow up, time management and questioning. The training provided by myfirstsalesjob® did a fantastic job of teaching the whole process from start to finish so that you have a repeatable system that gets results. Rather than throwing you in at the deep end, organizations that teach you these skills show they are willing to invest in you. This quality of sales training and support provided by myfirstsalesjob® is essential to anyone with ambitions of building a career in sales.”

R. Christie  – Finance Broker / Interlease


“I have no hesitation in recommending anyone seeking a career change and professional guidance through Deakon and myfirstsalesjob. I was provided a true perspective on the role and consulted with at every aspect of the interview process. Here is your opportunity to participate in a dynamic recruitment process and become a better professional, proven methodologies that help professionals to increase their self confidence and reach their full potential. Thank you.”

R. Bellian – Business Development / DWS Advanced Business Solutions


“Myfirstsalesjob was an excellent way for me to find an ideal position in a technical sales role.  I am now travelling extensively, visiting clients internationally with new opportunities arising constantly.  I'm very pleased with how everything has turned out and coupled with the Deakon sales training course I am more confident and successful in assisting my clients.”

M. Ottewill – Sales Technician / TMG Test Equipment


“As a recent hire through the ‘my first sales job’ program, I can thoroughly recommend the process to any potential employer. The vetting process was rigorous and thorough; however I felt it realistically and carefully matched me to the role I was eventually to fulfil. Dianna’s approach was one of care and knowledge and I could not recommend ‘my first sales job’ more highly.”

A. Street – Finance Broker / Interlease


“Having dealt with recruitment agents who were more concerned with ticking boxes, it was extremely refreshing to deal with Dianna who was quick to respond, thorough and dedicated to making sure she understood who I was, what I was looking for in my career and my suitability for the world of sales. And the training provided after recruitment is far more than a ‘sales 101’ course. It is a tried and tested sales methodology that worked through examples of actual successes and failures that equipped me with the knowledge to drive my sales career.”

A. Waycott – Business Development Manager / Hannan IT


“Having been through the myfirstsalesjob recruitment process, I recommend the program as insightful, thorough and supportive of all participants. The process was beneficial to both employer and employee as it looked at more than academic achievement, and focused on both interpersonal skills and character. Overall a well structured, considered and worthwhile program.”

K. Zuidema – Business Development Manager / Pinnacle Training Solutions


“Myfirstsalesjob provided me with a unique opportunity to join the Hannan Group.  The advice around resume building and how to conduct yourself in an interview was second to none.  Dianna was very thorough throughout the entire process, and she has followed through on her promise to keep in touch and see how I am travelling.”

J.Granieri – Business Development Manager / Pinnacle Training Solutions


“I found the recruitment process  thorough and challenging but at the end I felt it helped me secure the job, as my employer could get a good idea of my capabilities and also I now see that I am a good fit for the position, so perfect match and fit into environment.  Has all the positives to be a very long term partnership. The support I received through the process was amazing especially because I had an added dimension in that I required a visa as well and Dianna was very helpful and considerate of my personal circumstances which I really appreciated, so thanks again! And the training, well...I have been on many sales training courses in my 11 years of being in sales and this was truly a change of paradigm in the way I do business now, with a much more consultative /trusted advisor approach, and the results are already evident after 3 months of putting into practice what I learnt, and it works! I would recommend the training to anybody whether 1 month or 20 years in sales. ROI will be amazing!!”

C. Africa – Business Development Manager / Veridian Solutions


“From a candidate’s point of view, I found the recruitment process to be a very positive and ‘easy’ process to be involved in.  At the outset, recruitment activities can be daunting, but the staff at mynextsalesjob® made it a relaxed, succinct and fair experience for me.  Refreshingly, I was given ample opportunity to express myself freely and to convey my thoughts.  There was consistent follow up from my recruiter, and I felt I was being kept in the loop throughout all stages of the process.  The end result being that I am now happily settled into a great medical sales role which is an excellent match with my background, skills and qualifications!”

A. Mraovic –Territory Manager Neurosurgical Devices / Integra


“After 12+ years in retail I tried many different avenues to get into a business to business sales based role and no one would give me the opportunity. But then I applied for a job through myfirstsalesjob and got my break. They didn’t see my inexperience in B2B sales as a problem, instead they looked at my retail management experience as a great opportunity to get me into the right role with the right company. The recruitment process from start to finish was professional in every aspect and I was given great guidance and support along the way. I owe a great deal to the team at myfirstsalesjob and will forever be grateful.”

C.Massoud – National Sales Executive / Radio Terminal Systems


“As an applicant seeking  a position I found Deakon to be  thoroughly  professional  and although being in the sales area for number of years I also found the follow up course in basic sales a great way of revisiting, reinforcing and systematising  a number of basic sales principles. Having now experienced the Deakon process first hand, I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Deakon to any potential employee/employer.”

D. Aird – Sales Engineer / Kockums Bulk Systems


“The recruitment process with myfirstsalesjob®  was very thorough and professional.  The recruiters were very hands on and always available to answer questions.  This gave me a solid understanding of the requirements of the position that I applied for and subsequently took up.

The recruitment process had the added bonus of having a sales training course attached.  I found the “Fear – The Art of Selling” course to be very informative and practical and was conducted in a fun and friendly environment.  I am an advocate for both the recruitment process and the sales training course.”

J. Walsh – Finance Broker / Interlease


“myfirstsalesjob ® has been a valuable asset in my transition from retail sales to B2B.  The myfirstsalesjob® recruiters always treated me as a person, not a number, and the ongoing training is ensuring my success as a sales person.”

N.Annison – Channel Development Manager /Lockbox


“The myfirstsalesjob ® sales recruitment process was very thorough and straightforward. Dianna and Allison's excellent communication made me confident that they were working hard on my behalf. Thank you for helping me to progress in my sales career.”

A. MacGeraghty – Business Development Manager / Friday Media


“I thank the myfirstsalesjob® team for their professionalism, enthusiasm and entertainment throughout the whole sales recruitment process. It has definitely been the best recruitment process I have ever experienced, as well as the most informative.  The meetings were all great and my level of expectation and excitement lifted with every meeting that I attended.

Keep up the excellent work!”

R.Giglia – Account Manager / RS Components Australiasia


“The team from mynextsalesjob® were fantastic to deal with and their sales recruitment processes are the most thorough I have ever seen which ensures that the right person gets the right job!”

R.Bandara – Sales Executive / Quantum IT


“Having recently made a career change into sales thanks to myfirstsalesjob®, Fear – The Art of Selling has provided me with a strong platform on which to build my sales career. Tim’s knowledge and methods have been developed through his many years of experience in sales so you don’t have to make mistakes to discover what works and what doesn’t. It’s not just about learning but how to become more efficient with your time as well. The role plays are relevant and fun and prepared me for real situations.”

B. Wood – Sales Manager / Kockums Bulk Systems


“myfirstsalesjob ® is the most comprehensive and thorough sales recruitment process I have ever experienced.  The support and communication provided were great, and I was always made aware of what happening throughout the process.”

C.Zaladas – Account Manager / Geomatric Technologies


“I am happy to advise that in my sales recruitment process with myfirstsalesjob®, I was suitably assessed using accurate analysis methods to see if I would suit the sales position. Having been in this role for some time now, I can confidently say I am happy in the role and am well suited to the organisation, thanks to the diligent and intelligent selection process.”

L.Maurice – Sales Executive / Auswide Communications

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